Bear Snores On: a Tale Told with Musical Flair

“In a cave in the woods, 

in his deep, dark lair, 

through the long, cold winter

sleeps a great brown bear”

Bear Snores On cover

Bear Snores On is a delightful picture book written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman. Here’s what sets this book apart:

What’s the Story?

Bear Snores On is a fun and engaging story following the antics of a group of woodland animals who take shelter in a bear’s cave during a storm.


The animals all have different personalities, which is fun to see as they interact with each other.

Why is it Great?

Bear Snore On is a lyrical delight. 


The illustrations in the book are beautiful and full of detail, providing a rich visual experience. They are colorful and engaging, and they really bring the story to life.


The book promotes the values of friendship and community. The animals come together to help each other, and they don’t mind sharing. They are happy to be together despite the storm outside.


Overall, Bear Snores On is a heartwarming story that children will love to listen to and look at and fun for parents to read aloud. The story, illustrations, and themes of the book make it a great choice for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Bear Snores On

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