“It is the high and mighty who have the longest distance to fall.

Fables Cover

What’s the Story?

Renowned author-illustrator Arnold Lobel is best known for his Frog and Toad series but his other works are also well worth the read.


In fact, he has over 60 bestselling award winners.


One of these is Fables: a Caldecott Medal winner, Fables is a collection of 20 single page stories, each with its own timeless moral at the end.

Why is it Great?

Each fable comes with a beautiful full-page illustration in Arnold Lobel’s timeless style.


Lobel’s stories present the classic genre of fables in a fun and often funny way. His illustrations are colorful and a pleasure to look at, bringing each short tale to life.


Fables is an original addition to an ancient genre that will fit right in with Aesop’s Fables and other such classics.

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