Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke

“The adventurers took everything.

They took the gold.

They took the maps, the books,

the gems, and the scrolls.

And they took Skeleton.

So Goblin put on his crown

and walked out into the wide

world to find his friend.”


What’s the Story?

Goblin may live in an abandoned, rat-infested dungeon but he doesn’t let that get him down. He has everything he needs. He has a roof over his head, old boots to eat, and his friend Skeleton.


Until, one day, a band of adventurers arrive. They loot the dungeon, stealing the gold, and the gems, and the scrolls but – worst of all – they steal Skeleton.


Now it’s up to Goblin to save his friend. He has just one problem: nobody likes a goblin!

Why is it Great?

What I love about this book is the way it turns traditional fantasy tropes on their head. The goblin is the hero of the story, and the adventurers are the villains. Ben Hatke’s watercolor illustrations are beautiful with a whimsical style that perfectly captures the playful tone of the book.


But what really sets Nobody Likes a Goblin apart is its heart. At its core, this is a story about friendship and loyalty, and the lengths we’ll go to for the people we care about. It’s a message that resonates with readers of all ages, and one that is sure to stick with them long after they’ve finished the book.

I can’t recommend Nobody Likes a Goblin enough. It’s a charming, funny, and heartwarming story with fantastic and detailed illustrations to match – perfect for kids and parents alike. So if you’re looking for a new favorite children’s book, look no further than Ben Hatke’s Nobody Likes a Goblin.


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