The Salamander Room

“They will be hungry.

How will you feed them?

I will bring insects into my living room.

And every day I will catch some

and feed the salamanders.”

What’s the Story?

The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer is a classic children’s book that combines an imaginative story with beautiful illustrations.


The story follows a young boy named Brian who discovers a salamander while he is out playing in the woods. He brings the salamander home and sets out to create the perfect room for his new pet.


Watch as he transforms his bedroom into a wild salamander paradise.

Why is it Great?

This was one of my favorite books as a boy and I love reading it to my own children today.


The vivid watercolors and lush details by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher really bring this story to life. Watching Brian’s room transform into a rich and complex ecosystem fit for a salamander is delightful. I wanted a salamander room just like Brian’s when I was his age and if you read this book you’ll know why.


The Salamander Room is a heartwarming story about a child discovering the beauty of nature. As Brian cares for his new pet, his imagination runs wild coming up with creative solutions to each problem posed by his mother. The story’s message is delivered in an accessible way that children can easily understand with clear cause and effect.


It turns out caring for a salamander is much more involved than one would expect but Brian is up for the challenge. 

The Salamander Room

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